Tuesday, 12 March 2013

UPTET : Complicating the interpretation of the law faculty recruitment

Allahabad: What is right and what is wrong, then the decision will now full bench of the High Court, but the law individually complicate the interpretation given by the teacher recruitment. The candidates await appointment may have to wait long. BEd candidates before and after the test case of dispute, and it made things worse. BEd candidates and a large number of their arguments was not so easy to ignore them. Because of the large number of petitions were filed in the courts.
Conflicts referred to the full bench of the High Court is now the case, which has raised hopes of reaching a definitive conclusion. The courts individually opinion that a debate has brought to the fore certain guidelines state government distortion can?

Special Appellate Bench also quoted
In both of these cases individually to a hearing does not justify.
Tet to be owned, but under orders BEd degree teachers can become helpful. Condition will have to undergo training for 6 months after placement.
- Bench ordered
Tet to be an assistant teacher recruitment is mandatory. Shall not be required when the tet candidate will be appointed to bed but they will also have the TET.
- Justice Arun Tandon
Tet is like a green card for teacher recruitment. Must be the correct interpretation of the legal provisions referred to in the episode Vrihdpit.
- Justice AP Sahi
Teacher recruitment BA, BSc BEd qualified candidates to be complied with in order to include. Be processed within a month.
- Justice DP Singh

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